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UV Hybrid Printer


Equipped with 4 pcs Epson I3200, high resolution, high speed, cost- effective.

Printing Width:1800mm

Machine Size(L*W):3500*1063mm

Total Width(including front and rear platforms):3265mm

The platform can be moved forward and backward to meet plate printing requirements.

Technical Parameter
Type of PrintheadsEPSON 13200-U1 4 unitRicoh G5 5 unit
Width of Media1850mm
Printing Precision4PASS、6PASS、8PASS4PASS、6PASS、8PASS
Printing SpeedsProductionmod48㎡/h26㎡/h
Precision of modl32㎡/h18㎡/h
Ink SuppylPositive pressure continuous ink supplyNegative pressure continuous ink supply
Curing Mode/ Ink TypeHigh power LED water cooled UV lamp /uv curable ink
Control SystemHansen System 4H systemHansen System 5H system
Data interfaceHet opening
Rip SoftwareRIprint / Photoprint
Ink Cartridge Volume2L
Computer ConfigIntel i7-7 and Above,USB3.0,Gigabit Ethernet,8G RAM, SSD
Machine Dimension3550mm*860mm*1360mm
Nnt Weight/Gross WEight650kg/750kg
The Operating EnvironmentTemperature equipment operating 15℃-30℃ (recommended 20℃-28℃)Humidity equipment 20%-80%


1860B 9.jpg

Taking-up and Feeding System

The multi-purpose taking-up and feeding design enables the model to change sales plans according to real requiments of customers, saving every unnecessary additional purchase cost. Different designs of advertising paper, heavy leather, professional ceiling soft film, auxiliary printing system for indoor and outdoor identification signs. Professional and diversified configuration can support customers to earn high benefits.

1860B 10.jpg

Belt-guided Stepping System

While printing and conveying of different special media, it can also solve the problem of stepping patterns in traditional pressing wheel stepping method, truly achieve precise stepping and high-quality output

1860B 11.jpg

Working Platform

Material used with 42mm high precision honeycomb aluminum alloy, overall resolution is within 10s. AC high power turbine fan for platform suction, strong adsorption can support hard plates and special colls’ printing. Three adjustable sucking zones, turning off randomly according to the width of materials with overpressure protection function.

1860B 12.jpg

Aluminum Alloy Capping System

Linear sliding capping with screw drive mode, matching with linear bearings to achieve accurate positioning. It can effectively solve the problem of unstable ink absorption by multi-row nozzles, and greatly extend the service life of high-precision ink station. Particular capping auto-sealing avoids the chemical reaction of light to the residual UV inks and also keeps capping clean and makes sure print head free from pollution for longer life time.

1860B 13.jpg

Auto Height Measurement

The car with standard automatic height measurement function can effectively alleviate the problem of repeating calibration due to the replacement of different thickness materials, and improve the printing efficiency.

1860B 14.jpg

Independent Constant Temperature System of Printhead

Adopt digital temperature-controlled system, effectively diminish the negitive impact of extreme weather and easy to maintain.

1860B 15.jpg

Ink-lack Alarm and Single Ink Channel Liquid Level Adjustable System

Continoues ink supply with ink shortage alarm and single ink circuit level adjustable system: While effectively solving the problem of uninterrupted ink supply in 24 hours printing, it can also alleviate adjustment problem of single-channel ink pressure caused by the print head aging, and fully extend the effectiveness of the print head usage time.

1860B 16.jpg

Multi-row Nozzle Printing System

High speed, high productive, standard configured with 4 heads , suitable for different applications.