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DTF Printer


Can be with 3 pcs of XP600 to meet multiapplication and high cost-effective needs.

Working width:350mm

Machine size:1160*660*520mm

Technical Parameter
Printhead ModelXP600 3 unit
Printing Width350mm
Printing Speed1.5/3m²/h
Curing SystemLED Curing Light
Control SystemHoson System 4H system
Data interfaceNetwork interface
SoftwareRIprint / Photoprint
Ink Bucket Capacity550ML
Computer ConfigurationWIN7 and above, 64-bit: CPU i5 processor and above, 8G memory, Asus motherboard
3.0GHZ; C solid state drive 120G, attached disk 1TB, gigabit network port
PowerRoller 500W/ equipment 650W
Machine DimensionMachine Dimension:1160*660*520mm
Packing Size:1180*750*650mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight70kg/80kg
Operating EnvironmentTemperature (20℃-28℃) Humidity (38-65℃)
ApplicationPackaging, household appliances, machinery and equipment, plastic products, glass, ceramics, metals, etc


A3 UV-DTF Printer Mute Rail

Noise-off guide

Taiwan brand linear guide rails with double- slider and sound off function makes movement in stale.

Printer controlled by Hoson board system

Control cyctem

Hoson contron system, more stable and support more soutions.

A3 UV DTF Printer with Roller Pressing and Digital Temperature Control

Roller for pressing

Roller presses the materials, with adjustable digital temperature-constant system, peel and press film one time. High efficient to finish work one time.

High-Quality Paper Receiving and Feeding Unit - Robust and Uniform Material Handling

Collecting and feeding system

Equipped with high quality collecting system, load in heavy, feeding materials with stable and and constant speed.

Advanced Six-Color Ink Circulation System - Equipped with Automatic Ink Stirring to Prevent Sedimentation

Ink-supply system

Six-color ink supply circuit system, equipped with ink shortage alarm function; White ink is equipped with automatic mixing system to prevent ink precipitation.

High-Precision Aluminum Ink Stack with Screw Transmission and Linear Bearing for Accurate Head Movement

Aluminum ink stack

Sliding aluminum alloy ink stack, screw drive mode, with linear bearing to achieve accurate movement positioning, can effectively solve the problem of unstable ink suction multi-row nozzle, and greatly extend the high-precision ink stack life.


UV DTF Machine Printing Transfer Sticker on Bottle

Bottle Transfer Printing with UV DTF Technology

High-Quality Bottle Decal Printing using UV DTF Printer

UV DTF Printing Process: Transferring Stickers onto Bottles